Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Kitsuke - Blue Cotton Komon

I had to help my sister run her booth at a comic book expo today, so I decided to wear this cotton komon that has been sitting in storage for some time. When I purchased it, the seller advertised it as a yukata. It is likely cotton, but much softer than any yukata. It also has hiro eri (wide collar that must be folded for wear). It is not sheer like sha or ro, but not as opaque as regular hitoe. Since the traditional calendar says that you don't switch to ro and sha until at least June 15, it really is the perfect "in-between" kimono.

I decided to pair it with my new uroko sha share fukuro obi and peachy-orange obiage and obijime. As this was a very casual outfit, I wore geta instead of zori, and lastly, I wore a little hydrangea kanzashi. 

The color of the kimono appears washed out in the first few photos. The actual color is closer to this last picture.

Thank you for looking!

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