Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tall People Stuggles and Black and Green Bara Houmongi

As I have mentioned many, many, many, many, many times - finding kimono in taller and wider sizes is a hunt. You need patience and to able to handle the disappointment of finding tons of things you love but you'd never be able to wear properly. With the new year upon us, I am trying to lose some weight just like countless others. I have sadly gained 15-20 pounds since I got married, and it is starting to affect how I wear kimono. While I have some control over my waist size, I clearly have no control over my height. In all honesty, the biggest problem that I encounter is not only finding a kimono with the right length but the right wingspan. Not long ago, a kimono with a shorter wingspan didn't phase me too much. Now, especially after taking more lessons in nihon buyo and actually owning a few kimono with adequate wingspans, I can see that a proper wingspan really does makes one look more elegant - not to mention that it's near impossible to hold your sleeves for dance if they're too short! As I become more discerning (or maybe just picky!) about my size, the prey becomes even more elusive...

Enter this black and green bara houmongi, with a 173cm length and a whopping 152cm wingspan.

The seller states that it is a remade furisode, hence the really loud pattern. The super-wide wingspan was made possible by taking what was part of the old furisode sleeves and adding them to the cuffs of the remade piece. I think the seamstress did a decent job of matching the fabric so that the seams wouldn't be obvious from a distance.

This style is very opposed to what I usually select in a garment. The reason for my purchase is three-fold: the size, the price, and the need for a brighter kimono for shamisen performances (at my instructor's suggestion). With shipping, this piece ended up only around $50. And it certainly has the "in-your-face" factor of a stage piece.

As far as coordinating this piece goes, I'll likely go with an obi of minimal colors and simple design as to not compete with the pattern on the kimono. Without having the piece in my hands, I'm leaning toward a gold obi with lavender accessories that echo the color on the grid pattern overlaying the black part or red like the sakura, but that could easily change depending on what it looks like in person.

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  1. Its Huge! The extended sleeves are finished very nicely, a quick glance and you wouldn't notice it at all