Monday, November 24, 2014

More October-November Purchases

Bad me bought more things...

But at least they're not just for me this time! I found two more kimono for my husband. He has been begging for grey and brown, and I found them on the cheap in his size.

Here's the two I found for myself:

The first is a gigantic synthetic ro komon. It's 175cm long and has a 148cm wingpsan! I think this may be the first time I have put on a kimono and the hip size was too big! I can adjust that more easily though, so I'm not worried.

The second piece is a hitoe tsukesage with a house-in-the-woods motif. I'll need to take a close-up photo because I can't seem to find the seller's photos (other than this one) at the moment. It's 167cm long and has 144cm wingspan, but the hips are little tight on this one. I'll have to look into letting it out at some point. But the fabric on this one is amazing. It has a super soft touch!

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