Monday, September 9, 2013

Obi Prize from Furicle - Kitsuke Photos

On Saturday, the obi I won from Furicle arrived. Part of the contest deal was that I had to take pictures wearing the obi for them. I paired it with this pine, pagoda, and bridge tsukesage.


  1. It's beautiful ! The match with your tsukesage is perfect ! :)

  2. Wonderful maple obi!
    You value the sence of season.And I love this tsukesage.
    By the way,I visited "Manga and Anime Fair in Kyoto 2013" the other day.
    If you like it,please check my blog:)

  3. Just browsing kitsuke on the web and came across your pics. I just wanted to say what lovely kitsuke you have done. The obi is stunning in and of itself, but you have highlighted it delightfully with your entire ensemble. I dress my daughter in kimono (i'm much too hefty to wear it for myself, i'm pretty certain the Japanese don't come in my size,lol) and love to look at other kitsuke as a result. Although Our small city has a sister city with a Japanese town called Tokai Mura, there is almost no one here that actually wear kimono, so we check out kitsuke on the web.