Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yellow Sha Hanhaba Obi and Leaf Zori

Summer's end isn't too far away, so stores are starting to put last season's items on sale. For whatever reason, I have wanted a sha or ro hanhaba obi. One of my favorite sellers on Rakuten had this one marked down 70%! I was very pleased ^_^. It's pale yellow sha with an ichimatsu design.

They also have two other designs and four other colors. It should be here in time for me to enjoy before the summer is over.

Also, I have been meaning to get new zori for some time now, but with large Western feet, I often cannot find zori for a decent price. Kimono Machi has had these for a while, but I didn't bite until now. My new pretties!

There was also a pair of baby pink zori that were the same size and only slightly more expensive that I pondered, but I have many more occasions to wear kimono casually than I do formally, and those would have seen little use. These will be perfect for autumn, but the pastel colors also would work for spring.

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