Friday, December 9, 2011

Two New Kimono

I won two new kimono for only 99¢ a piece on eBay over the past week. I've been paying more for kimono recently, so I miss getting deals like this!

The first one is a reddish purple tsukesage. I has some fading/stains, but for only 99¢, I don't mind. I plan on using this in my steampunk ensemble this spring, so the fading/stains might actually fit in just fine with the look.

The second is one of many yabane odori kimono that Ryujapan had listed last week. I'm partial to warm colors, so I opted to the red over the blue ones. The kimono is quite large already, so it should be a good candidate to adjusted to become a hikizuri...maybe. Or I may leave it as is. We'll see. =)

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