Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rose Komon with Hakata Obi

I got this great cream and green hakata obi from one of the members of the Immortal Geisha forum during our monthly kimono trade. I had owned a hakata obi before, but only briefly (the seller told me it was much longer than it actually was, so I resold it). This one is plenty long for me and goes with many things in my wardrobe. Today, I paired it with my rose komon and a pink obiage and obijime.

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  1. nice HAKATA Obi!
    Your Coordinate is very nice!!

  2. This hakata obi goes with this komon very well!
    This obi is very modern and beautiful!
    And I like this komon,this blue is very classic and rose pattern is beautiful.(I remembered you weared it before.)You look really nice in this komon!(^_^)/