Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Kitty as Nurse?!

I found this adorable cell phone strap on Strapya World a few weeks ago, but I finally just bought it. I couldn't resist! It's Hello Kitty AND nursing in one cute package! There were white and pink versions of this particular style strap as well, but I chose blue because my school's main color is blue. So there's my tiny bit of school spirit. At least it's not like high school where I had absolutely no school spirit. I do love my university. Go Tigers!!! =D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Yukata and Obi

I decided it was high-time for a new yukata. The yellow one I bought last year just doesn't suit my tastes anymore. So I bought this black and white striped one with pink bellflowers(?) from Gary-san. I was trying to go with a more sophisticated image without looking old. Too many yukata are too "cute" for me, but I don't want the extremely traditional and "boring" yukata either, so this one seemed to suit my personality perfectly.

I also got an obi to go with it because I don't have any hanhaba obi to match. Luckily, the pink flowers will be accented by the kinchaku and geta that I bought recently (see previous two posts for pictures). I finally have put a whole yukata set together, and I hope everything arrives soon so I can go to the Japanese garden soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Kinchaku!

I waited all night for this bag from Ryu Japan. Because the funds are currently lower than they should be (my own fault for sure), I decided to wait until morning to see what was left, and if anything interesting was still there, I would get it (and for only $10 - what a steal!). It's pink to match the geta I bought just a little while ago. Now all I need is the yukata I have been eyeing for sometime, and my set will be complete!