Saturday, January 31, 2009

More snow? and sick...

Believe it or not, we actually got more snow on Wednesday. It was deeper, prettier, and lasted much longer than the previous snow, but sadly, I was (and still am) ill, so I could not get any pictures. :( I tried to go to class, but ended up leaving my first class, Health Assessment Lab, about an hour early because I thought I was going to throw up. And the people at the student health center did not help a bit. Then, I had to miss all of Thursday, which was REALLY bad because I had to miss my clinical hospital time, so now I have to write a 6-page paper and show competency in all skills learned that week. Ouch. And on top of all my regular studying! So I went to the doctor, and they think it's just a "nervous stomach", but I want to see the results of the H. pylori (stomach ulcer bacteria) test first. I have had so many symptoms that could be signs of an ulcer, but who knows. I certainly feel though that my blood pressure is up when I have my "attacks" of nausea. It's like a bounding pulse in my stomach. Well, I hope it subsides today, because I'm going to work anyway.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Enough? NEVER!

As if I did not already have enough kimono things! I could not resist all of these things on eBay and RyuJapan!

The first buy was a yellow and dragonfly kinchaku bag from Ryu. It matches my yukata fairly well, but I love that butter-yellow color, and I will MAKE it match some of my other things. :)

The next was a red and black hakata nagoya obi from Ryu's eBay store. It might be a little short for me, but I can fudge things pretty well most of the time.

Then, I got this wine red (really sort of purple) colored obi from Kimono-Bestbuy. I love the white peonies on it. They totally pop out at you!

The last one is also from Kimono-Bestbuy. This one I bought to match my orange tsukesage. That kimono has green, yellow, red, and gold accents, and I think it will match nicely. And I love the modern woven squares on it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since I live in Memphis, Tennessee, snow is a rarity. Mostly our winters are brown and cool, but not cold and white. I don't think that there will be any closings (although Memphis is known to shut down everything when a little snow begins to accumulate), but we finally got some snow this morning. I threw on my scrubs and ran out to get breakfast to see the snow while it lasts since any snow we get typically melts off the same day. It was only a small amount of accumulation, but oh is was beautiful!

Anyway, it was all gone by noon, which really sucked because it was so pretty! I wish we got more snow here, but unfortunately, you can't make the weather do what you want it to do. :,(

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Beauties!

I won a few new items yesterday on eBay. I really needed all of the items, and I got everything for a steal! The first and most important thing I won was a pair of white size L zori. These are vinyl and will match for almost any occasion!

Next, I got a white, pink, and light blue juban with 22 inch (56 cm) sodetake, because the orange tsukesage I own has longer sode, therefore not fitting my other juban with shorter sode.

Then, I got a pink obiage with sakura blossoms embroidered on it. I needed a color that would coordinate with many different outfits, so I figured that a light pink would be just the thing. Now I need a pink obijime to match. I'm on the hunt right now! XD

Last, a package of gold mizuhiki for my kanzashi creations.

Probably the best buy of the whole thing was the obiage. I only paid $1.80 for it! I am really surprised that I didn't get outbid on it, especially since my max bid was only $5, but hey, I'm not complaining! The shoes were also a shock, because everyone wants plain white zori. I only paid $8 for those. Another surprise because they are a size L which is harder to find. This same seller had them for $30 on his website, so I saved a lot by winning the bid. I just can't wait until all my things arrive, but since they are coming SAL, I expect it to take a while. :(

Meisen Kitsuke

I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to share them here. I bought this vintage blue-purple meisen kimono months ago, but really did not have a proper obi to wear with it until Christmas when my sister bought me a red hanhaba obi. So, I finally got around to practicing kitsuke with them. The look to me is a casual chic, but that's just my opinion. These are better pictures than the last post, but by no means fantastic quality! O.o

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Purple Edo Komon Kitsuke

I was bored so I began practicing kitsuke the other day. I pulled out my nagoya obi, which really is a little small, but I was determined to make it work! I got it looking pretty nice, I think. Personally, I was very happy with my first real attempt at making a good otaiko. Sucks that the pictures are crappy, but I've just been taking them off of my computer in a really poorly lit dorm room. It's sad we can't get better lighting, and on top of all that, I only have one small window off of the porch, so the building blocks nearly all of the sunlight.

Anyway, I would love opinions if you have them, but please be constructive, not cruel! :)

First Post

I had my blog on my own website, but since it takes up too much space, I will be transferring it here, and adding all new posts to this blog. You can still access the blog through Hanamachi-Ai.